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Family zone

Children under 14 have a free ticket in the Family Zone.

FRF arranges in the Tribune 2, special sectors for families in which children will benefit from free tickets. When the order is placed by an adult, the number of children in the group will be selected, for which a ticket with a value zero will be issued.

In the Family Zone sectors , each person can order a maximum of 5 tickets, of which at least one must be reserved for a child under 14 years of age. 

Access to the stadium, including children , will be made only on the basis of a valid ticket. Please keep the ticket for the entire game so that you can validate the place you have chosen.

Discounts in Family Zone: 

Fans can bring their children to the Family Zone, in the specially arranged sectors , which will be communicated later, benefiting from a discount: 5%- 2 tickets, 10% - 3 tickets, 15% - 4 tickets, 20% - 5 tickets. 

The discount will apply after placing the order.