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1. Acceptance of services

The services of the site "" are offered by the ROMANIAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION in partnership with "" (SC DEPARTAMENTUL LOGISTIC EVENT SRL - hereinafter referred to as "TLD") exclusively to persons who agree to the terms and the conditions set forth below.

By checking the "I accept the terms and conditions" box, you declare your agreement to these terms and conditions of our site. Any conditions that the user would like to impose on the terms and conditions of this site are automatically excluded and will not be recognized by the TLD.

Permitted use

The user agrees that he has permission from TLD only to visit and / or own a copy of the pages of this site strictly for his personal use, and that he will not duplicate, download, publish, modify or otherwise distribute the material. from this site for any purpose other than to review event information, for personal use, or to purchase tickets for your personal use, except with special permission from the TLD to do so. The content and software on this site are the property of TLD and / or its suppliers and are protected by Romanian and international copyright laws.

2. Description of the services offered 

Conditions TLD offers - for sale - tickets for a wide range of cultural, sporting, door or outdoor events to registered users on, in exchange for paying for these tickets through the following means of payment: online payment by card- ul, postal order, e-mandate, bank transfer or cash.

Tickets ordered or paid through will be sent by Courier or will be picked up from the TLD cashier, courier costs are borne by the buyer.

Tickets will not be sold / handed over to persons who have not previously placed a ticket order for the respective event through

Tickets will not be sold / handed over to persons who do not prove payment or who have not correctly or completely entered their data in the registration form No ticket orders will be accepted with delivery by courier in other cities than those present in the list of cities of

In case of orders that do not contain the correct coordinates of the person who ordered, reserves the right to cancel them.

Depending on the contracts concluded with the organizers and / or the approach as date of an event, some payment and delivery methods may or may not be activated for that event.

Depending on the contracts concluded with the organizers of the events for which sells tickets, they may have added additional processing fees / ticket and / or per order, fees displayed / identified separately from the ticket price, on the event page and in the necessary steps placing the order.

It is not accepted to return the tickets and / or to request their equivalent value - The ordered, paid and delivered tickets cannot be returned.

In case of tickets delivered by courier, please open the envelope in the presence of the courier. Otherwise, any subsequent claim will not be considered.

In case of postponement or cancellation of a show, will notify you by posting on and / or by e-mail all the clients of about the conditions for returning the tickets and recovering their value (depending on the contracts concluded with the ticket organizers can be returned to the organizer's headquarters, to the cashiers of the halls indicated by the show organizer, or directly to - the locations for returning the tickets will be announced in advance by e-mail or by posting on www.bilete .ro).

In case of cancellation / postponement of the event, in this situation please contact directly

Tickets damaged or not purchased through will not be received for return.

In case of ticket returns to (depending on the contracts concluded with the organizers), will return only the value of the tickets - the other additional costs (eg: transport = courier or post office, bank fees, etc. - adjacent services and already provided by virtue of entry into possession) will not be returned / settled.

2.1 Bancpost Card Promotion

To receive the discount, you must opt ​​for online payment by card. To make the payment, you will be redirected to the platform. After entering the Bancpost card details, the total payment amount will be recalculated and you will see the 10% discount.

The promotion regulations are available here: DISCOUNT TICKET REGULATIONS.FRF.RO.

3. Privacy policy

Please see the Privacy Policy page for complete information on the changes made on May 25, 2018 regarding the protection of personal data.

4. Denunciation of guarantees

TLD explicitly disclaims any warranty that a user may invoke following the use of ticketing services. Also, TLD does not offer any guarantee in case of any consequences that may occur, caused by the malfunction of services or the delay of information due to causes beyond the control of TLD.

TLD does not assume responsibility for any delays, postponements or cancellations of the event for which tickets were purchased and restrictions imposed by the organizer or state institutions (on the number of tickets that can be purchased by one person or individuals subject to legal restrictions, other restrictions), the buyer having to address the event organizer for any claims.

5. Limitation of liability

TLD does not assume in any form and in any sense the responsibility for the content of the sites that have links on, or that have any other type of link (eg: sponsors, partners) with the site our. TLD does not assume in any form and in any sense the responsibility for any attempts to resell the tickets purchased through

6. Final conditions

The user has the obligation to provide real and correct information about his person, when requested, subject to exclusion from the database. TLD reserves the right to change the "Terms and Conditions" at any time without prior notice. The TLD may restrict access to any user who does not comply with any of the above conditions. Also, TLD can choose at any time to stop providing the services offered on the website.