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Forbidden objects

It is forbidden to bring the following objects to the Stadium, unless they are permitted by UEFA and / or the Host Association (if applicable):
1. bags exceeding the size of an A4 sheet (210 mm x 297 mm x 210 mm);
2. weapon of any type and any object that can be adapted as a weapon or projectile;
3. bottles, cans or cans of any kind, as well as other articles made of plastic. glass or any other fragile material, with the exception of objects required for duly proven medical reasons;
5. fireworks, torches, fumigants and any other pyrotechnic articles;
6. sprays, corrosive / flammable substances, paints or containers with harmful or flammable substances;
7. laser pointers;
8. drone;
9. foods of any kind, except for products required for proven medical reasons;
10. alcohol, drugs and other toxic or dangerous substances, except for substances required for proven medical reasons;
11. any offensive, racist, xenophobic material that promotes sexual, religious, political or other illegal / prohibited material, discriminatory propaganda messages;
12. any promotional or commercial items or materials, such as banners, signs, symbols or brochures; 
13. flexible flag tails exceeding 1 (one) meter in length and 1 (one) cm in thickness;
14. banners or flags larger than 2 (two) x 1.5 (one and a half) meters. Smaller flags or banners may be allowed, provided they are made of non-flammable materials and comply with local regulations. All banners larger than 2 (two) x 1.5 (one and a half) meters are permitted only on the basis of a written request, approved by UEFA and / or the corresponding Host Association;
15. electronic, mechanically or manually operated sound-producing devices, such as megaphones;
16. professional cameras and video cameras or other professional sound or image recording equipment, but cameras and video cameras or other sound or image recording equipment for personal use are permitted and will be accepted by UEFA and / or or the corresponding Host Association;
17. any device used for the purpose of transmitting or broadcasting any type of material that violates the provisions of Clause 5.2;
18. animals, except guide / assistance dogs (provided that the legislation in force allows access to the premises of guide / assistance dogs inside the Stadium);
19. any other material deemed inappropriate, dangerous and / or not permitted by local security authorities. * Except for duly proven medical conditions.

Obligations of spectators:

- to strictly observe the measures established by the organizer and the police

- to present, at the entrance to the arena, the access ticket and - at the request of the police / stewards - the identity documents (Identity Card or Identity Card); also, at the request of the police / stewards, they are obliged to present the visual advertising materials on them

- not to buy tickets for resale and not to sell them at a premium

- not to enter inside the arena inscriptions, emblems, banners, banners, posters, flags or other supports containing symbols, slogans, images or texts with obscene content or which contain denigration, xenophobia, national hatred, racial hatred, class or religion, discrimination of any kind and violence

- not to introduce and not to display signs, not to chant political slogans

- undergo brief body and luggage checks; refusal to be controlled entails a ban on entering the stadium at the said game

- not to enter the stadium under the influence of drugs and psychotropic substances, in an obvious state of intoxication, not to introduce and not consume alcoholic beverages in the stadium

- to occupy the place written on the ticket

- not to smoke in the grandstands; the ban also applies to people who use electronic cigarettes. Smoking is only allowed in the specially arranged places on the outdoor embankment of Grandstand I, Grandstand II, Lawn I and Lawn II

- not to introduce in the stadium banners or other visual advertising materials other than those provided by the Romanian law; access to the arena is allowed only with the national flags of the two countries, hoisted on a plastic support, or with tricolor banners of maximum dimensions 10m X 2m. Only single-sided drums are allowed. Speakers and amplification stations are prohibited

- not to climb the lower fence of the grandstands, towards the playing field, but also the inner fences separating the sectors from the grandstands and not to climb on the railing that delimits the grandstand from the playing field

- not to throw at spectators, officials, players, law enforcement or in the direction of the playing surface with objects of any kind or with corrosive or polluting substances

- not to commit obscene acts, acts or gestures, not to utter or chant insults, insulting or vulgar words, words or expressions, as well as other threats of acts of violence against other spectators, officials, players or their property; not to chant insulting or defamatory refrains

- not to threaten the police / stewards with acts of violence

- not to possess fireworks, firecrackers or other pyrotechnic materials which emit fire, smoke or gas

- not to introduce any kind of container for liquids, made of plastic, glass or similar (bottles, boxes, pets, sprays, perfumes, etc.)

- not to provoke or participate in scandal or acts of violence causing physical suffering, not to chant insults, insulting or vulgar expressions towards other spectators, officials or players

- not to be involved in any kind of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination, not to promote in any form persons guilty of committing crimes against peace and humanity or followers of fascist ideology

- do not hide your face with clothing or other accessories - not to write, not to draw on the walls or fences of the stadium, not to peel off, not to destroy the advertisements, announcements or posters displayed, not to damage, not to raise or move the signs or indicators placed by the organizer

- not to destroy or degrade chairs, railings or other furniture - not carry objects that could be thrown on the playing field (knives, balls, etc.) nor objects of considerable size that could be used as weapons (umbrellas, flag holders made of any material other than plastic, motorcycle helmets, covers for electronic equipment, etc.)

- not to park on stairs, access roads or escape routes - to leave the stadium immediately in case of the evacuation measure imposed by the police

In addition to those mentioned, the following are prohibited inside the stadium:

- T-shirts or other clothing inscribed with texts, designs, letters or symbols which, in the opinion of the organizer, have been considered obscene, discriminatory or provocative

- weapons, ammunition, torches, explosive, incendiary or smoke materials

- electric shock devices

- any container containing toxic, tear, hallucinogenic or incendiary gases

- knives, shears or other articles specially designed to cut or injure

- professional cameras and video

- vuvuzela

- Pets